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Press release published by Edinburgh University

International Collaboration for Health Nursing Research (ICCHNR) will appoint new Executive Members from 1st January 2019 and Nursing Studies Pam Smith is thrilled to take on the mantle of ICCHNR President.

Professor Pam Smith has been appointed as the President of the International Collaboration for Community Health Nursing Research (ICCHNR).

In her new role, which begins in January 2019, she plans to fulfil ICCHNR’s vision to promote community nursing globally through a programme of international conferences, symposia, fellowships and networks.

Through these activities, she aims to build research, educational and clinical capacity.

The role of Co-Convener will be taken up by Prof Gina Marie Awoko Higginbottom MBE. She is is The Mary Seacole Professor of Ethnicity and Community Health at the University of Nottingham.

Global Network of Public Health Nurses Conference

The conference, will be from May 14th -16th   2019 and will be in held at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya 

Because of their global significance and relevance to Public Health Nursing, it was agreed to explore the contribution of Public Health Nursing to achieving Goal 3 of the UN Sustainable Development  Goals ‘Good Health & Well Being’ as a working title for the conference.

The sub themes will focus on the role of Public Health Nursing in achieving the targets of Goal 3 at every aspect and every population group including the elderly, maternal & child groups, people with disabilities, health care systems and safe environments. The focus is on; HIV/AIDS testing, disclosure, access and adherence to care; Adolescent reproductive health; Public Health leadership and governance; Health systems integration; rural, county and national levels; Infectious disease management; Community health strategy; Public health workforce, labour relations and Mental Health.

Nursing the world

Molly Case, BA RN was our Poet in Residence for ICCHNR 2017 in South Africa. In joining the conference, taking part in workshops, discussions and social interaction Molly wrote and performed her visionary poem on Nursing the World.

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